Not-for-Profit Pediatric Speech, Language & Reading Therapy Services



Next Generation provides a thorough, in-depth speech, language and readingevaluation with specific conclusions and therapy goals. Therapy sessions are conducted focusing on specific objectives. We present our findings and recommendations in educational planning meetings upon request.

Screening Screening
The purpose of the 30-45 minute screening is to determine if a child’s communication skills and reading skills are age-appropriate or if areas of difficulty are noted and a more in-depth evaluation is recommended.

  • Approximately 7% of school-age children demonstrate a language disorder. (American Speech Hearing Association)
  • Approximately 5% of first graders demonstrate an articulation disorder. (ASHA)
  • 4%-5 % of the childhood population stutters. (ASHA)
  • 15-20% of the population exhibit some of the symptoms of dyslexia which affect learning. They will likely benefit from systematic, explicit instruction. (International Dyslexia Association)

Children who demonstrate areas of delay may be referred for an in-depth evaluation to determine specific areas of weakness. A hearing screening is included.

Evaluation Evaluation
The purpose of an in-depth speech and language evaluation is to specifically identify all areas of weakness in communication skills. Areas examined include articulation, expressive and receptive language, auditory processing, voice and fluency. A full, written report containing evaluation results and specific short-term therapy goals is provided in addition to a personal consultation. In addition, phonological awareness can be accessed through a reading evaluation.
Therapy Therapy
All speech and language therapy sessions are individual and range from 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration. Reading therapy sessions range from 45 minutes to 2 hours in duration. Therapy can be conducted at school, our therapy center, or at home (via remote video).
Consultation/Advocacy Consultation/Advocacy
A consultation with the family to discuss any concerns regarding diagnosis and treatment can be provided. In addition, clinicians can represent the child in IEP or SSI meetings.
Referrals Referrals
We will be happy to provide referrals for other Professional services as necessary. We have established excellent working relationships with area Audiologists, Pediatricians, ENTs, Educational Psychologists, and Specialty Schools.
“I have recognized the vital importance of the screening, evaluation, and eventual therapy and consultation to such a degree that I have brought Lorie’s team to my present school in order to benefit this school community. Lorie has truly made a difference in my own child as well as many other students in schools across the Southeast.”

BRIAN KENNERLY | former Head of School | Brookstone School